Through our collective experience building brands and companies, we've come to value authenticity, agility, and a sense of creativity that thrives at the intersection of imagination and execution.


Executive Team

Core Collective


MOJO draws its strength from the extraordinary talent of our people –
our core team and through the greater MOJO Collective. All of our experts consistently set the bar high – making us the most equipped to tackle the biggest challenges. It is through our collective grit that we've gained exceptional experiences and achieved extraordinary results, including:

ribbon A RIVA-trained moderator who has conducted thousands of sessions over the past 20 years.
Led market research and insights at Netflix as well as 23andMe during
challenging periods of each respective company’s history

Retail and e-commerce expertise from the founder of an innovative comparison shopping and discovery platform and an early Quidsi team member with experience at Sephora, LVMH, and L’Oreal

Activation and experiential leadership from the former head of
experiential at Panasonic and the USTA

World-class head of PR who built one of the leading Sharing Economy brands
through unparalleled PR strategy and tactics

PhD data scientist who built a data science and analytics team of over 50 people from the ground up

SEO maven who is an evangelist of all things organic and who has driven hundreds of
millions of quality visitors to websites each year